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MGCF Assisted Living Home is designed for seniors who are no longer able to live on their own safely, but do not require the high level of care provided in a hospital. Assisted living brings together a special combination of housing, personal care and other supportive services. It is a wonderful option for those desiring to remain in a residential environment and do not require the intense medical care provided in a traditional nursing home. Residents will enjoy the safety of 24 hour staffing, with supportive services and health care tailored to individual needs. Assisted living allows the freedom and dignity of maintaining easy life style with the availability of professional medical care as and when needed.

We have started Assisted Living Homes with very different characteristics to satisfy the needs and desires of our clients. Our Assisted Living Home is situated at Madurai with all modern facilities.

Madurai Geriatric Care Foundation

Elders who prefer a pollution free echo friendly green atmosphere to spend their old age in the serene calm and peaceful environment will prefer this camp.Each cottage has resident nurses to take care of the inmates round the clock. All Food as required and desired by the inmates is prepared from fresh organic ingredients by our staff. Our local qualified Doctor will examine all the inmates every week and answer all emergency calls.


Several speciality care programs complement the traditional skilled nursing services we provide. Our geriatric nurses have been specially chosen for their sensitivity and experience in hospice care.


Long term care is expensive in a traditional hospital setup. Many conditions don’t require such intensive care. For chronically ill patients who need assistance for activities of daily living, medication management.


For patients who are stable and no longer require hospitalization but do need an intensive program of rehabilitation, for recovery or treatment.


We offer caring comfort through life’s final stage. We support patients and their loved ones throughout this most difficult time, providing end-of-life care that meets both medical and emotional needs, bringing as much comforts as possible.


Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive, irreversible brain disorder with no known caure or cure. It attacks and slowly steals the minds of its victims. We have secure units designed for victims of Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

MGCF Assisted Living Home combine housing, lifestyle and services for individuals who require assistance with daily living, but don’t need the skilled medical care provided in nursing homes. With the help of our assisted living facilities, older adults get the assistance with daily living they need, while maintaining much of their independence and dignity.

Our variety of services and programs, including Assisted Living, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care and Respite Care to fulfil our resident’s needs. Whether someone is active and likes to have a full social calendar, or prefers to relax and takes things more slowly, our varying levels of service and activities accommodate each resident’s lifestyle.

MGCF is focused on helping families cope with what people fear most about dying –being in pain, being alone, losing independence and being a burden to others. For patients, Medicoshelp offers emotional and spiritual support and state-of-the –art medical care , tailored to the patient’s wish to remain pain-free and comfortable. For families,MGCF eases the burden of care giving, through emotional and spiritual support, respite care, almost act as a one stop shopping for all geriatric needs. MGCF Assisted Living Home is dedicated to serving families by caring for their loved ones who can no longer live independently. As an “Assisted Living Home”run by professionals, the home is an excellent alternative to traditional old age homes and large hospitals.


We MGCF pioneers in home nursing service in MADURAI are ready to help people who really need medical help & care. Don’t hesitate to contact us..

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